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2015 Early in the season:
Fred relaxed, read and recreated on his bike, only shorts.Yep,

Mid season: Anna and her squad came up for a few weeks. This summer they hit up the creek quite a bit. Swimming, outdoor cookin and hangin’ with local Missoula friends. The uber dry weather made for a bad fire season…so they only got one or two good bonfires in.

Eric came up to hang with his #1 Daughter, Anna and drink wine. They did a ton of work, cleaning, organizing and being very efficient.

Late season:
Eric came up for a few more weeks to hang out with his buddies, fish and be wild…and what happens at the cabin, stays at the cabin.

Stories are soon to be related…

If you love fishing as much as I do and you know me well enough to have my personal phone number and this website address—join me at Trouthaven outside of Missoula, Montana this summer for my annual fishing trip. Just call, tell me you’re coming and don’t forget to bring some wine and snacks to share, and a sleeping bag. If I don’t have room for you and camping isn’t your thing, then one of the local inns will treat you like family at a family-friendly price.